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Unique Cypress Wood Over Sized Hair Stick Spike

Unique Cypress Wood Over Sized Hair Stick Spike

$ 25.00

An ultimate in rustic hair spikes and what I call an "equalizer", this is certainly an interesting piece of wood. We found it in a small cypress grove on a golf course being abused by golf carts. It has been a couple years, I finally got around to try to do something with it if at all possible. It was in pretty rough shape, after stripping off layers of broken bark and stubs, I took a wire brush to it and started to see the color. The aroma it gave off was heavenly.

Not sure this was going to work for hair, the wood was difficult to sand and I ended up lacquering it to prevent the wood from "shredding". The lacquer actually brings the color up front. It also still carries a nice cypress aroma. All grooves and the interesting holes edges were all sanded smooth and lacquered.

Please note, the lacquer makes it water resistant, but not water proof. Extended exposure to water will damage any wood.

This is a hair stick for someone who is not afraid to stand out and has a lot of hair. It's not as heavy as I thought it would be, it even stayed in my tiny twist quite a while, several times.

Length - 7 inches total, 5 - 5 1/2 use length
Diameter; 3/4 X 1/2 at the 5 inch mark
Top: about 1 1/4 wide

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