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Refunds / Returns / Exchange Policy updated Sept 7, 2016

OVERVIEW (all are detailed below)

Plastic can break.  You break it, you buy it unless caused by internal flaw in the material see below. Gluing / fusing will not work once the item is finished and really is not an acceptable fix.

NO REFUNDS  due to postal strikes.  Orders will be refunded if foreseen and cancelled on my end.  If buyer orders while their country is on strike it is at the buyers risk.  There is no negotiation on this.

No more third party purchases will be accepted outside of the U.S. unless you are going to be at the location to sign for item on the day of delivery.  No refunds on third party deliveries.

Lost shipment claims (other than postal strikes): U.S. 2 weeks, International 8 weeks (it is taking longer to clear customs) 

Full refunds are given for damaged in mail (read procedures below) or upon return of product only to Crockett Mountain Woodworks, 1504 N. Crockett Ave, Cameron TX, 76520. Buyer is responsible for postage for sending it back.

Full refunds for defects effecting wearing (snags) item must be returned before refund is issued.

Custom Items are non refundable unless major defect in which item can not be worn,  length and style are incorrect within 1/4 inch, or a solution is agreed upon (more details below).  Please see acrylic disclaimer below on finishing differences. 

Sale, marked down, clearance items, or items sent to third party to avoid shipping/custom fees: ALL SALES ARE FINAL (unless damaged or lost in mail)

Acrylic Disclaimer and Refund Guide:

If an item arrived flawed, notify me within 7 days of receipt  (direct ship only) and prepare to return the item. We will either arrange a refund or exchange under the conditions below.

You break it, you buy it.  They are not child proof, or break proof from careless handling.  Sorry, we can not be responsible for breakages unless it is due to flaws in the raw material.  HANDLE THEM CAREFULLY, EVEN PLASTIC BREAKS.

Acrylic blanks are not made by Crockett Mountain Wood. they may contain internal flaws such as small air bubbles or voids (especially lava and vapor swirls). If breakage occurs from these unseen internal flaws, items will be refunded upon return of the item. Send item to Crockett Mountain Woodworks, 1504 N. Crockett Ave, Cameron Tx 76520.

Our items are unique.  We do not create our sticks the same way other makers do and we put them through stresses the acrylic is not designed for.  Our finishing process is our own as well so our finishes will vary from other makers.  All acrylic blanks vary in luster and are classified as such from the supplier.  WHERE FINGERS CAN NOT REACH, WILL NOT HAVE A FULL POLISH.

Heating and shaping can also alter surface appearance and finish. We do our best to fix or remove surface flaws from heating and shaping however many colors may exhibit them under certain light no matter. (ex- fogging, height variations between colors, color separation, dimpling, surface striations) These are worked out by hand to the best of our ability. If you are unhappy due to this group of reasons, exchanges only will be made once the item has been returned at the buyers expense. Send to Crockett Mountain Woodworks, 1504 N. Crockett Ave. Cameron Tx 76520.

Item lost in the mail:

Depending on the destination there is a waiting period before claims can be filed.

I will fully refund after the following waiting times: U.S. destinations - 2 weeks, All Non-U.S.  8 weeks.  Packages have taken up to 8 weeks to be delivered over seas.

Items damaged in shipment:

Contact me WITHIN 3 DAYS OF RECEIPT  with your contact information and phone number to crockettwood@gmail.com

Save all packaging material and the item

Send pictures of the damage INCLUDING PICTURES OF PACKAGING

Hang on to everything until you have been notified on what to do with it

Be prepared to submit an affidavit 

You will be entitled for full refund

Custom Items

Full refund or remake if I make a mistake in size within 1/4 inch.

0 refund if you make a mistake in size or change your mind.  Lengths can be shortened for the price of shipping.

If the item simply just does not work for you, an exchange will be accepted of equal value. There may be a 20 percent re-stock/charge back fee.

Breakage, Wood Splits, Splinters, Moisture

Wood items go through quite a bit of stress and pressure during their creation. They are tested during their making and before they go out the door.

They must be used carefully and can break, chip, split with excessive pressure and from being dropped.  Splits can happen from being in a purse, sat on, or using too harshly.  Every wood is different and some are not so tough.

Balm is included when noted on the listings for items with natural oil/wax finishes so you can keep them hydrated and conditioned to minimize drying and resist moisture.

No matter what the finish, moisture will surely damage wood either immediately or over time.

If an item arrived flawed, notify me within 7 days of receipt and prepare to return the item.  We will either arrange a refund or exchange.