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How To Size Hair Sticks and Forks

How to Size

These are basic guidelines for deciding which size of hair stick, fork will work for you. 

It seems to be a physics issue, however, it is not an exact science. You are trying to create enough tension using your hair, scalp and toy, to hold your creation.

Our videos are a bit limited since my hair is not full or excessive.  There are many videos out there on how to use hair sticks and forks.

What Length Do I Need?

If you can make a bun, measure it roughly from side to side. A customer told me she uses another hair stick to measure the diameter.

Your base length would be the diameter of your bun plus a half inch (quarter inch each side) to compensate for relaxation of the bun.  What you would like to show on each end, add that to your length.  Don't forget to take the top into consideration.  Most of our tops are 3/4 to 1 inch or are noted in the listings.

What About Thickness and Width?

In my opinion, wider and thicker are better. I really can not speak for those who have luxurious or excessive locks (feel free to add your comments on this matter). We focus on thicker, heavier stuff because of the hair I have to work with all of the time. It's very difficult for me to keep anything in, even barettes slip out unless they are extremely tight to where I can hardly close them. For my hair, really thin stuff seems to slip up and down, and sometimes out. The wider the toy, the more tension I can create.

What About Shoulder Length Hair?

It can be pinned up.  See our videos about using hair toys with shoulder length hair.  

The second time I cut my hair to "just above" the shoulder, buns could not be obtained, however, pinning up at twist was easy.  As long as you have enough to twist and pin down, a small hair toy should work for you.

How Do Forks Compare To Each Other