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Our Other Causes - Giving Back

Julie Mathews

We are an animal oriented family.  Several times per year we make donations to help others with their causes, mostly to Rocky Ridge Refuge near our home in Arkansas.  It is a one person operation and she is a wonderful person and does incredible work.  She is a 501 C organization.

We also have our own cause now also, Wind Song Feral Cat Sanctuary.  The cats that were here when we moved in have of course multiplied.  So we have decided to do what is right and do what we can to get them all trapped, fixed and vaccinated against rabies.  Many of the sales I will be running will be to help fund my efforts, we also have a Go Fund Me campaign running to help with the first few litters.  We are not a 501 C organization, just doing what we can, with what we have.

You may also donate to our TNR cause any amount you wish using the Paypal button below.


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