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New Stronger, Reinforced, Warp Resistant Lava and Vapor Swirl Hair Forks

Julie Mathews hair fork hair forks hair pins lava out of shape reinforced vapor swirl warped prongs

Some of the acrylics other than acrylic acetates are actually resins.  The colors are more vibrant and just plain beautiful, however, occasionally they warp.

While most people do not have a warping issue, some do.  Occasionally they will tend to warp with long term stress on the prongs or heat.  Some colors seem to be more prone than others.  This resulted in making forks thicker using these products, or not at all due to extreme variances in the final product.  The customer having to fix it at home should not have to happen.


We have come up with a process to piggy back the softer acrylics onto the stronger, tougher clear acrylic as shown in the photos below.  This fork feels so good and now they can be a little thinner while behaving correctly.

Side view of piggy back


Back view of piggy back

Top view of piggy back




I am excited about this because this greatly expands our possibilities in new colors.

The first bunch will be rolled out some time between now and the New Year.  All items will be noted as "reinforced".

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