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Prongs Out Of Shape? Here Is A Fix / Prevention

Julie Mathews acrylic hairfork prongs out of shape warped

Got a prong that is suddenly out of shape?  That does happen depending on the plastic and how it is worn.  Luckily it is fairly easy to remedy.

First, to understand a little about the "acrylics", not all are equal.  

  • "Plexi" acrylics are hard, brittle, and we just don't have the equipment to deal with it, nor do I want to, so we don't offer them.
  • Acetates do not seem to be equal either, they are softer than the plexi, and can react differently depending on the coloring or other measures made to color them (pearling, banding, laminate, chip and flake, inclusions). 
  • We have had some labeled as acetate that we could not even slice for what ever reason. We use these the most.  I have had very few change shape in my pocket, bag, or hair, but it will happen from time to time.
  • Lava and vapor swirl colors.  These are different and softer and more flexible than the above.  These tend to bend out of shape if your bun is pulling a prong in an off direction for any length of time. With my tiny little hair bun I really have to wind it tight and that is when I see it the most.
  • "Rhinoplastic" is another animal. The prongs made with that material, will warp and curve when it is just sitting there on the table overnight.  Not all of it did it, but enough that we decided we could not use it.

So what to do?  basically press the prong back while inserting it the next time.  For example, my 3 prong raspberry had a center prong stick up after wearing it, laying on it and then some for two days in a row, in the hot sun.  The third day I just gently pressed that prong back down, while inserting it.  Now it is perfect again.


With a two prong, if the ends tend to close after insertion, place a finger in between them, holding them apart, while inserting it.

As mentioned before, it is kind of a "physics" thing.  Pressure, pulling, it all plays a part.

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