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Want To Order A Certain Color?

Julie Mathews

Try our new Submit A Wish form.  Your request will be put in a possible order list, next time we order from our supplier.

You can also make a small deposit (button is on the page) for certain items excluding 3 prong hair forks to guarantee your color will be ordered for you.

This will help us target which colors to order.

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  • Cg on

    I would love a 3-prong fork in lilac cream or lilac lava.

  • Adi on

    I would love a three prong fork in jade lava… I had one from you, it was beautiful, but ready made 4in functional, it became too short on me and I lost it…. Miss it so much… ( it was a dark green and silver white marbled mix…)

  • Terri Aldrich on

    I want a wildflowers fork. Fancy 2 prong for preference.

  • dulcy on

    Hi-am interested in red rasberry tart lava for 3 prong forks.Dulcy

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