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Hair Slide Sizing Tips and Styles

Julie Mathews accessories barrette bun holder bun pin hair pin hair slide hand made long hair made in the usa updos

We are excited to introduce our new Bohemian Hair Slides and have created an informal video to help you with selecting a size.  You are also shown 3 different ways to wear them.


My history with sliders is severely limited to leather and stick slides and these are a little different.  The face is not flexible like leather, we experimented and settled with several different designs.

Update: Since using open face sliders I recommend the open face styles have the sticks curved.  Curved sticks give you the opportunity to insert it, then twist the stick in the opposite direction to tighten it.

The video explains two design components one needs to pay attention to when selecting a size.  Hole spacing, and depth (the area between the stick and the face. 

  • Hole spacing refers to hair bun diameter
  • Depth spacing refers to hair bun density

Each slide is individually crafted free hand.  the holes are the only thing measured, which is the first measurement considered for sizing.  The hole spacing provided on the listing, is straight line on the finished item.

Depth varies, and can be adjusted.  Keep in mind that it will slightly change hole spacing, but not by much.  Having your stick slightly curved will also increase depth.

Enjoy the video and as always thank you for your business and support.



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